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Welcome to the International Gramsci Society Newsletter Online

The Newsletters of the International Gramsci Society are available from this site in both an online searchable HTML format and as downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) files.

Number 15, June 2005

pdf (194K)

Number 14, December 2004

pdf (229K)

Number 13, May 2003

pdf (251K)

Number 12, February 2002

pdf (153K)

Number 11, December 2000

pdf (172K)

Number 10, May 2000

pdf (192K)

Number 9,   March 1999

pdf (215K)

Number 8,   May 1998

pdf (200K)

Number 7,   May 1997

pdf (168K)

Number 6,   August 1996

pdf (127K)

Number 5,   November 1995

pdf (159K)

Number 4,   April 1995

pdf (134K)

Number 3,   March 1994

pdf (147K)

Number 2,   March 1993

pdf (110K)

Number 1,   March 1992

pdf (not available)

Browsing the Newsletters
The issues currently available in HTML format from this site are listed under the "Browse" menu in the left sidebar. To proceed to the table of contents for one of these issues, simply click on the volume number. To proceed to an article, click on its title. Once you are inside an issue, you may navigate back and forth between articles by clicking on the 'prev' and 'next' links located in the upper and lower right corners of each page. Clicking the 'toc' link will return you to the table of contents for that volume. The 'return to top' link at the end of the page will take you back up to the beginning of the article.

Clicking the 'translate' link in the upper right of each page will automatically submit the contents of the page to the Babelfish automated translator provided courtesy of Systran and Alta Vista. The default translation direction is set for English to Italian, but translations to French, German, Portuguese and Spanish may also be obtained by selecting the appropriate choice on the pull-down menu. Click 'Translate' to see a rough translation of the first thousand or so words contained in the document.

Clicking the 'IGS Newsletter' heading in the left sidebar will bring you to this page no matter where you are in the site.

Downloading Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Files of the Newsletters
You may also download the complete Newsletter issues as Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) files which preserve the original look and formatting of the Newsletters:

The table of contents for each of the above newsletters is hyperlinked for easy reading on-line with the Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may download a free copy from Adobe in English, Italiano, español, Português, Deutsch, or Japanese.   ^ return to top ^ < prev | toc | next >