International Gramsci Society Newsletter
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Multimedia: Audiovisual materials on Gramsci

1. In 1989 the Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico conducted a survey of all film materials related to Gramsci. This work led to the production of a video (60 minutes) which consists of selections from a variety of films and documentaries. This video- anthology was selected and put together by Antonio Santucci and can be obtained in cassette form directly through the Archivio Audiovisivo (via degli Sprovieri 14; 00125 Rome) or from major bookstores such as Rinascita in Rome.

The Archivio Audiovisivo is also the distributor of two other videos dealing with Gramsci. These two videos contain the filmed oral testimonies of, respectively, Battista Santhià (Lezione di storia - 55 min.) and Gustavo Trombetti (In carcere con Gramsci -25 min.)

2. The Intercultural Association "Ondajulik" (via della Consulta 50; 00184 Rome) has dedicated its first year of activities to Antonio Gramsci. "Ondajulik" has already produced a number of videos:

+Ritornando a Ghilarza (15 min.) by Valentina Amico and G. Baratta-based on a feast organized by Sardinian emigrants in the German industrial city of Wolfsburg

+Frammenti (30 min.) by Giulio Latini-a selection of Gramscian texts read during a crossing by sea from Civitavecchia to Olbia in Sardinia. (Latini is the author of an earlier video, Caro Delio. Caro Julik (20 min.) set in Formia in which Gramsci's son, Giuliano, reads selections from his father's letters)

+A teatro con Gramsci e Dario Fo (45 min.) by V. Amico and G. Baratta-featuring Dario Fo in a dramatic treatment of Gramsci. This video was prepared under the aegis of the Dipartimento Scuola Educazione of RAI and will be soon [END PAGE 38] shown on Italian TV.

"Ondajulik" has also assembled an audiovisual multimedia exhibit entitled "L'immagine di Gramsci alle porte del Duemila." The exhibit is constructed out of a large diversity of photographs, designs, graphics, posters, prints, films, videos and audio tapes. The materials were gathered from a number of different sources including RAI TV and Radio, the Fondazione Istituto Gramsci of Rome and the Istituto Ernesto de Martino (via Melzo 9; 20109). Cesare Bermani, Franco Coggiola and Mimma Paulesu had produced for Istituto Ernesto de Martino an audio tape on Gramsci; this tape is obtainable with their book Gramsci Raccontato published by Edizioni Associate (via del Biscione 10: 00186 Rome).

RAI has given "Ondajulik" the rights to distribute in videocassette the filmdocumentary Gramsci l'ho visto così (60 min.) which was made for (and transmitted by) RAI in 1988 by Gianni Amico e G. Baratta. The film gathers a number of testimonies by individuals who worked with or had contact with Gramsci and it examines the connections between Gramsci's work and the current world scene.

Many of the materials mentioned above are obtainable directly from "Ondajulik" in three separate videocassettes: (I) Gramsci l'ho visto così: (2) Frammenti. Ritornando a Ghilarza. and Caro Delio. Caro Julik: (3) A teatro con Gramsci e Dario Fo. Each videocassette is obtainable for $25 or 30.000 Lire. [END PAGE 39]   ^ return to top ^ < prev | toc | next >