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Gramsci on the World Wide Web

John Cammett has created a World Wide Web page entitled:

Resources on Antonio Gramsci

The resources now available through this new electronic site include:

a) an online searchable version of the complete Bibliografia gramsciana. This research bibliography, which comprises 10,350 items, combines and integrates the two previously published bibliographical volumes--the Bibliografia gramsciana: 1922-1988 by John M. Cammett (Rome: Editori Riuniti, 1991) and Bibliografia gramsciana: Supplement Updated to 1993 by John M. Cammett and Maria Luisa Righi (Rome: Fondazione Istituto Gramsci, 1995). The published volumes were sponsored and supported by the Fondazione Istituto Gramsci in Rome.

b) an Introduction and Appendices to the bibliography

c) the complete text of all past issues of the International Gramsci Society Newsletter

d) a link to the home page of the Fondazione Istituto Gramsci in Rome

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