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Gramsci on the World Wide Web

The "web" is an excellent place to search for publications and other information concerning Gramsci. Indeed, anyone surfing the internet in search of materials that deal directly with Gramsci's life and thought, or that touch upon his ideas, or make use of his main concepts is bound to come up with some interesting discoveries. In past issues of the IGS Newsletter, we have drawn attention to a number of useful (as well as some rather bizarre) "gramscian" items encountered on the "web." In this issue, we are publishing an article by Rob van Kranenburg that first appeared in an electronic journal. In future issues of the Newsletter a section will be devoted specifically to "Gramsci on the World Wide Web"; it will function as a much needed supplement to the bibliographical updates that have been a regular feature of the Newsletter since its inception.

The International Gramsci Society, of course, has its own website:

which makes available every IGS Newsletter published thus far. Visitors to this site will not only be able to read the entire contents of all past issues of the Newsletter; they will also be able to search quickly for particular items that might be of special interest to them. It is also possible to obtain, at the click of a button, a rough translation of the contents into several languages. Soon, this site will also have a section for articles and other materials that could not be included in the printed version of the IGS Newsletter for lack of space.

The IGS website also provides a link to "Resources on Antonio Gramsci"--the website created by John Cammett--which can also be accessed directly at:

This site, with its online searchable version of the complete and regularly updated version of the Bibliografia gramsciana, provides the most valuable tool available anywhere to Gramsci scholars.

The IGS website also provides links to other interesting sites, such as the Brazilian website:

which contains a wealth of valuable materials.

Recently, Marcus Green has archived (and provided links to) all Gramsci related websites in one place:

--an excellent place to start a Gramsci-search (or should one say a Gramsci-surfing-session) in the labyrinths of cyberspace.   ^ return to top ^ < prev | tofc | next >