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The IGS is a non-profit organization whose aim is to facilitate the communication and exchange of information among the very large number of individuals from around the world who are interested in the life and work of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), the Italian socialist, political theorist, and activist.

The IGS website includes a biography and chronology of Antonio Gramsci's life, an archive of photographs, documents, and on-line articles related to his life and work, as well as links to his writings. In addition, the IGS website includes academic and authoritative essays and articles on Gramscian studies and concepts related to Antonio Gramsci's work, as well as back issues of the IGS Newsletter.

The documentary film “New York and the Mystery of Naples: A Journey through Gramsci’s World” is availble for viewing in the Audio and Video section of this site.

Membership to the International Gramsci Society is available on-line. Membership includes subscription to the IGS listserv, receipt of information regarding IGS conferences, and registration to attend IGS conferences.


The Ghilarza Summer School offers 15 scholarships for participating in an advanced studies course on the thought of Antonio Gramsci. The course will be held in Ghilarza (OR) during the period from 8th to 12th September 2014, and will be dedicated to the subject of the Hegemonic / Subaltern. More details here / PDF. (11 January 2014).


The film Gramsci: Everything that Concerns People (1987) is now available on YouTube. The film was made for Channel 4 (Scotland) by Mike Alexander and Douglas Eadie, with Tom Nairn and Hamish Henderson as consultants.


GramsciSource.org is available to the public in beta form. The site includes the complete Italian version of Gramsci's Prison Notebooks. This is just the beginning of a detailed and comprehensive projet. (19 June 2012)


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